Green River

2012 Tucson Gem Mineral ShowThis three-day-long festival features guest speakers, field trips and a pop-up market for rounding out your collection of unique and rare finds.

Vendors and artists from near and far will be selling mineral specimens, jewelry, polished stones, and much more at the Rock and Mineral Pop-up Market in front of the John Wesley Powell Museum. There will also be concessions and educational booths from BLM and Utah Friends of Paleontology.

Hosted at the John Wesley Powell Museum
1765 Main St
Green River, UT 84525

For more information about the Rock & Mineral Festival, visit the Green River Rocks website

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Melon floatSeptember 16th & 17th, 2022

Green River, Southeastern Utah’s prime melon-growing spot, is renowned as the home of the world’s best melons. Melons like sandy soil and desert climates and Green River has both in heavy supply, resulting in a happier, sweeter melon. While Green River has over 100 years of melon-growing experience starting with J.H. "Melon" Brown experimenting with his first crop, peaches were Green River’s calling card until a deep freeze in 1919 killed most of the peach trees. The farmers who stayed removed their dead trees and turned their efforts towards growing cantaloupes.

Green River has had annual celebrations of the locally grown fruit since 1906. Now called “Melon Days,” the town has its annual celebration of its most famous export every third weekend of September. During this special time of year, truckloads of watermelons are cut up and given away to festival-goers courtesy of long time melon growing families, square dancers dance into the night, and Green River’s own come back to reunite with friends and family. In the recent past, at least 3,000 festival-goers have been in attendance for the Melon Days Parade and are treated to the sounds of neighboring town marching bands, the sight of creative floats made by local clubs or aspiring politicians, and a glimpse of local celebrities like the Melon Queen or the giant watermelon on wheels. The heart of the festival is the park, where one can visit concession stands and craft vendors, listen to live music, or most importantly, revel in the free watermelon slices donated by melon farmers. (source)

For more information about Green River, Utah's Melon Days, visit the official Melon Days website:

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