Black Dragon CanyonBlack Dragon Canyon is a popular site for rock art enthusiasts. Pictographs (painted art) and petroglyphs (carved art) are spread out along the base of the high canyon walls. The rock art was created by the Fremont Culture, who inhabited the region about 2000 years ago. In addition to the artwork, they left other evidence of their way of life including campsites, stone granaries, and tools for hunting. In addition to the namesake art, there are other images that archeologists speculate were part of an ancient calendar system.

The famous rock art is located at the start of the canyon, but those looking to hike or bike back into the canyon should keep their eyes on the canyon walls, as more art can be found tucked amongst the rock outcrops.

Black Dragon Wash Trail is a 6.2 mile trail located near Green River, Utah that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, mountain biking, and on and off-road driving and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

An old jeep track provides a level walking surface for most of the hike. About 200 yards past the overhang, you'll find a panel of exceptional ancient drawings. The canyon forks less than two miles in, below tall sculpted sandstone walls. The south fork heads back towards Interstate 70 and the north fork offers more fascinating canyon walls.

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