The Arches National Park

Situated just north of Moab in eastern Utah, Arches National Park features some of the most unique rock formations in the entire country. Sometimes referred to simply as "Arches", this national park sits alongside the Colorado River and is home to 2,000 naturally occurring sandstone arches.

Delicate Arch, Landscape Arch, and Balanced Rock are just a few of the famous formations that attract countless couples throughout the year. When visiting this stunning part of Utah, you'll no doubt be searching for some equally stunning Arches National Park hotels. If you're looking for high-end accommodations with private rooms and free breakfast, the River Rock Inn is a great choice.

Things to Do in Arches National Park

Enjoy the Views on Arches Scenic Drive

There's only one road traversing through Arches National Park. And as you can imagine, it offers stunning views of the park. Whether you're arriving after a long day of travel or need a break from hiking, simply meandering through the park on this scenic drive is a great way to spend a lazy day.

Take a Stroll on Park Avenue

This trail might sound like a swanky place in New York, but Park Avenue is actually one of the most popular hikes in the entire park. It only takes around 30 minutes to complete and doesn't go up or down in elevation. You'll see the Courthouse Towers and Three Gossips formations but no arches. It's an excellent stop if you're on the Arches Scenic Drive.

Gawk at Balanced Rock

Perhaps the most famous rock formation in Arches National Park beside the arches is Balanced Rock. As the name suggests, this giant boulder is precariously situated on a thin column that looks like it could fall over any minute. But don’t worry. It's remained sturdy for centuries.

Climb Around Double Arch

It's tough to tell just how mammoth Double Arch is from far away. As you get closer though, you'll quickly realize how it's the tallest arch in the entire park. There are a variety of rocks and boulders underneath Double Arch that you can climb upon without much effort. It's a fun way to spend your time while taking in the breathtaking views without realizing having to hike.

Hike to Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch is the highlight of the park. Couples flock from around the country and the world to see this breathtaking rock formation. If you want to beat the crowds, we recommend starting early in the morning. The hike is only about three miles roundtrip but be prepared for some steep portions. Don't forget to take your camera!

Our Space

When you’re not traversing Arches National Park, you’ll need a conveniently located, and comfortable place to wind down and relax. If you’re making the most of your days in the park (which we highly recommend!), you’ll most likely be worn out and desperate for a place to take a load off. That’s exactly what we had in mind when building the River Rock Inn. This sanctuary is located just a short drive away from the park so you can beat the crowds in the morning and make it back in the evening without suffering a longer trip.

As one of the top hotels near Arches National Park, we’ve taken the outdoor, southwestern atmosphere you’ve come to love and brought it into the design concept of River Rock Inn. You’ll still feel like you’re in the middle of Arches when staying on our world-class property. Whether you’re hanging out in our spacious common area or in your cozy room, it’ll feel like an extension of your adventure in the Arches National Park.

Our Rooms

Deluxe King

If you're a couple visiting the Moab area, our deluxe king is one of the best places to stay near Arches National Park. It has everything you need to relax in between your daily excursions into the park. We've equipped the room with all of the amenities you could need for a comfortable and stress-free stay.

Deluxe King Private Patio

Our Deluxe King Patio room offers the same amenities and features as our deluxe king but with your very own patio. It's the perfect place to greet the sunrise every morning and bring an awesome day to a close by watching the sunset. If you can avoid dozing off early, this is the perfect spot to watch the stars shine bright without any light pollution. Only room with rain shower

The Cottage Queen

Whether you and your partner preferred to live in closer quarters or you're looking for a more cost-effective option, our Queen Cottage room is the ideal choice. It's outfitted with leather, tile, and wood accents for an equally luxurious and outdoorsy atmosphere.

Accessible Deluxe King

If you or your significant other require mobility assistance, we have a specially designed Deluxe King room. It features wider doors, support bars in the bathroom, and a more spacious design overall. The River Rock Inn also features wheelchair accessibility throughout

Why Stay At the River Rock Inn

There are a lot of hotels near Arches National Park Utah, so why should you choose River Rock Inn? Well, we’re glad you asked! While other accommodations cater to families and other larger groups, our space is specifically designed for couples. Whether you’re heading out on your honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, or just a couples getaway, the River Rock Inn is the ideal stop when you’re visiting Arches. Here are some reasons to consider us:


When you’re looking for places to stay near Arches National Park, location is going to be one of the most important factors. Located just a short drive from the park entrance, River Rock Inn is the perfect place to set up camp when visiting the park.

Comfort & Luxury

When you’re thinking of where to stay near Arches National Park, it’s easy to forget about luxury. But, after hiking all day in the hot sun, you deserve a place where you can come back, relax, and unwind. The River Rock Inn can be that sanctuary for you and your partner.