The Arches National Park

Situated just north of Moab in eastern Utah, Arches National Park features some of the most unique rock formations in the entire country. Sometimes referred to simply as "Arches", this national park sits alongside the Colorado River and is home to 2,000 naturally occurring sandstone arches.

Delicate Arch, Landscape Arch, and Balanced Rock are just a few of the famous formations that attract countless couples throughout the year. When visiting this stunning part of Utah, you'll no doubt be searching for some equally stunning Arches National Park hotels. If you're looking for high-end accommodations with private rooms and free breakfast, the River Rock Inn is a great choice.

Canyonlands National Park

Nestled in the southeastern portion of Utah, Canyonlands National Park is one of the most popular places to visit in the area. Often considered the little brother of the Grand Canyon, this park features miles of canyons stretching as far as the eye can see. These breathtaking canyons were carved by the Colorado River over thousands of years - just like at the Grand Canyon. Despite its smaller size, Canyonlands National Park deserves a visit of its own. In fact, you could easily spend an entire week in the park and just barely scratch the surface of what it has to offer.

Island in the Sky, a plateau with panoramic views of the park, is one of the most popular spots in the park. Some other features worthy of a visit include Horseshoe Canyon where you can see ancient rock paintings and the Needles which features towering rock formations. When visiting this breathtaking part of Utah, you'll be looking for ideal hotels near Canyonlands National Park

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Goblin Valley State Park One of the most unique places on earth, Goblin Valley State Park, is home to sandstone "Goblins" and balancing rock formations.  This family-friendly park is a great place to hike, picnic, sight-see, and explore the wonders of nature's creation.

It gets pretty hot during the day in the valley. It is recommended that families go in the morning or late evening when the sun is setting. Stay past sunset and you may see the Milkey Way light up across the night sky. Stay too late during the winter and you may experience temperatures drop down to 0*F.

You won't have to worry about freezing to death though, as we will have a fire waiting for you, to warm up around, when you get back.

Bright Blue Sky in Little Wild Horse Canyon This classic slot canyon located near Goblin Valley, Little Wild Horse Canyon is a popular hiking spot for all travelers. The main attractions are the narrow paths where you have to walk sideways to get through. Many hikers travel a short distance, then return the way they came in, or for the more adventurous types, follow the trails to Bell Canyon; a hike of about 8 miles. Visiting is best in the Spring and Fall, since rain can become a problem during the Summer months.

John Wesley Powell River Museum John Wesley Powell aboard a river boat.
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Located on the bank of the Green River in Green River, Utah, the John Wesley Powell River History Museum explores the history and cultural importance that the Green River plays in Utah's growth and expansion. The museum boasts exhibits detailing the life of John Wesley Powell and the history of the Colorado Plateau. In addition, the museum has a life-size boat room, a dinosaur exhibit, and an art gallery featuring art from all over the state.

This is a perfect place to visit on days when the weather doesn't allow for outdoor adventures or for those who wish to understand a little more about the importance the Green River played in the development of Utah culture.

Green River Golf Course, Utah Green River State Park Golf Course is a "hidden gem" golf oasis on the banks of the Green River. Back-dropped by the Book Cliffs Mountains towering in the distance, the elevated tees and greens add character to a relaxing yet challenging round of golf. The course offers fairways along the Green River lined with mature cottonwood trees and a practice range to work on your drive.   

Green River Golf Course also features a new championship-level 18-hole disc golf course with disc golf supplies and rentals available at the clubhouse. Whether you swing or throw, you'll love a trip to Green River State Park Golf Course.

Swasey Beach, Green River, Utah Swasey’s Beach is a white sand oasis on the Green River with shallow waters perfect for little ones to take a dip in when Summer afternoons are hot. The beach is shaded by cottonwood trees along the Book Cliffs and is a frequent watering hole for wild bighorn sheep. As a designated recreational area there are public restrooms, free daytime boat access, a campground, picnic area, and lots of family-friendly fun waiting to be had.

Cool off in the water during a hot day exploring the Book Cliffs. This popular watering hole is a great place to spend the hottest part of the day.

Melon floatGreen River, Southeastern Utah’s prime melon-growing spot, is renowned as the home of the world’s best melons. Melons like sandy soil and desert climates and Green River has both in heavy supply, resulting in a happier, sweeter melon. While Green River has over 100 years of melon-growing experience starting with J.H. "Melon" Brown experimenting with his first crop, peaches were Green River’s calling card until a deep freeze in 1919 killed most of the peach trees. The farmers who stayed removed their dead trees and turned their efforts towards growing cantaloupes.

Green River has had annual celebrations of the locally grown fruit since 1906. Now called “Melon Days,” the town has its annual celebration of its most famous export every third weekend of September. During this special time of year, truckloads of watermelons are cut up and given away to festival-goers courtesy of long time melon growing families, square dancers dance into the night, and Green River’s own come back to reunite with friends and family. In the recent past, at least 3,000 festival-goers have been in attendance for the Melon Days Parade and are treated to the sounds of neighboring town marching bands, the sight of creative floats made by local clubs or aspiring politicians, and a glimpse of local celebrities like the Melon Queen or the giant watermelon on wheels. The heart of the festival is the park, where one can visit concession stands and craft vendors, listen to live music, or most importantly, revel in the free watermelon slices donated by melon farmers. (source)

For more information about Green River, Utah's Melon Days, visit the official Melon Days website:

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